Getting near . . . but still a way to go!

Junction for Old Church Road as approached from Pitsea (London)

Over we go . . . but not a bridge too far!

Heading out over the London/Southend A13

Straight ahead now . . . don't give up yet!

A left turn after the bridge and past the Pitsea Crematorium and Old Vicarage

On the home straight now . . . but still not there!

A final right turn to head out into the marshes

Are we there yet? . . . Almost but not quite!

Down the hill, watch out for walkers and on coming traffic from the RSPB

Railway bridge in sight . . . Now we're really close!

The final approach sees the C2C Railway Line over the road

Ahhh there you are . . . We've arrived at last!

Through the Lych Gate to park up (if dry) or up the path to the church!

. . . And here's a location map to help find your way!